Revolution in Rojava Democratic Autonomy and Women's Liberation in the Syrian Kurdistan one small pocket of the nation: the cantons of Rojava in Syrian Kurdistan, where in the wake of Kropotkin and the Anarchist Intellectual


2016-10-31 · Memed writes: “After ruminating on his political identity and some of the tenets of anarchism, half way through his piece Kassab turns his attention to the PYD and Rojava and accuses it of being authoritarian, seizing money, monopolising violence and banning other parties and writes: “That its occupation of Arab-majority towns outside of the Rojava cantons is not ‘democratic

53 53. Daxuyaniya Gelên Navneteweyî û Şoreşger ya Hêzên Gerîla (IRPGF) Apr 3, 2017 04/17. Apr 3, 2017 by IRPGF. movies.

Rojava anarchism

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In mid-2012, Assad’s forces largely withdrew from the area, and the battle was left to the Kurdish militias: the YPG (People’s Protection Units) and the YPJ (Women’s Defense Forces), the autonomous women’s militias. Anarchism isn't currently possible, but will be in the future. Historical attempts at creating Anarchist societies were successful. Rojava proves that Anarchist principles can be possible in a modern society.

Anarchism isn't currently possible, but will be in the future. Historical attempts at creating Anarchist societies were successful.

ISIS, ideology and the Rojava Revolution – why the YPG/J fight. Post author By andrewnflood; Post date July 16, 2015; 17th May and ISIS capture Ramadi and with it another huge stock of modern US weaponry. Something like 6000 US trained Iraqi soldiers have fled the city without putting up much of a fight.

Uluslararası Devrimci Halkların Gerilla Topics: IRPGF, Anarchism, Rojava, YPJ, YPG, PKK, Syrian Civil War, Kurdistan, Turkey Se hela listan på From the Crimethinc.Collective … The threat to Rojava: An Anarchist in Syria Speaks on the Real Meaning of Trump’s Withdrawal (28/12/2018) Following Donald Trump’s surprise announcement that he is withdrawing US troops from Syria, we’ve received the following message from an anarchist in Rojava, spelling out what this means for the region and what the stakes are on a global scale. How is anarchism viewed by other combatants in Rojava, particularly among the foreign volunteers? It is our understanding that the IFB and it’s member organizations are predominantly communist groups, have their been any difficulties or disagreements due to your ideological differences with these groups?

Apr 27, 2020 Rojava/Democratic Confederalism/Kurdish Freedom Movement. 1. Rozava: The Country of Two Rivers. – Rojava doc made by Rojava Film 

Rojava anarchism

Matthew Whitley is an writer, anarchist organizer, and  An Interview with Revolutionary Anarchist Action on Kobanê (interview to  Rojava · A mountain river has many bends: an introduction to the Rojava revolution by Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness · Anarchism in the Middle East: the  Oct 14, 2020 Helali, who's versed in Bookchin's works, was attracted by Rojava's social experiment. He said he went to Rojava as an anarchist but left nine  Jul 1, 2020 (Mr. Bey's conception of anarchy estranged him from some others; Robin Makhno, an American anarchist who now lives in Rojava and does  Apr 7, 2020 The history of Rojava, on the wave of the revolutionary phenomenon of the American anarchist Murray Bookchin, who rejects the centralist  Jun 15, 2018 Had my father lived to see his ideas about “social ecology” enacted in Rojava and southeastern Turkey, he would have been profoundly moved  Oct 8, 2014 The autonomous region of Rojava, as it exists today, is one of few bright inspired in part by the vision of social ecologist and anarchist Murray  Oct 26, 2018 This was possible because Rojava is a peripheral part of Syria and the including the writings of US anarchist/communalist Murray Bookchin. Oct 8, 2019 of the northeast—which the Kurds know as Rojava—on the spurious in anarchist and municipalist movements, citizens of Rojava have  Oct 18, 2014 As reported by the Kurdish Anarchist Forum (KAF) a group of pacifistic Kurdish anarchists in exile, as the Arab Spring took hold of Syria there  Dec 28, 2018 As bloody and tragic as the Syrian civil war has already been, this could open up not just a new chapter of it, but a sequel. As the civil war in Syria continues, in the territory of Rojava – in Kurdish, 'the a US thinker frequently labelled 'eco-anarchist', the Rojava model is a radical  Mar 29, 2017 The Iranian-British coder was headed to a state near the country's northern border with Turkey: Rojava, where an unlikely anarchist movement  Participant in Rojava conflict and the Syrian Civil War Ideology, Anarchism that they are Greek internationalist anarchists who come to Rojava in response to   Jun 7, 2016 the first reported American anarchists to join the leftist group, which is based in a swath of northern Syria that has been renamed Rojava. Mar 27, 2015 Anarchism, Decolonization, and Radical Democracy 2015 Mellon from the Premises of the Dominant Global Order: The Rojava Revolution" Dec 1, 2014 Anarchists on the ground are fighting in a less-than-ideal situation, not least given that the state forces of Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and the US, also  Jun 4, 2017 From anarchists to nihilists, militant Greek youth are increasingly Greek anarchists in Rojava posed with a message for back home from  Jun 1, 2017 For example, in support of the revolution in Rojava, Swiss anarchists in Zurich claimed an attack in September 2016 involving an explosive  Feb 27, 2017 Rojava ran through Suleimaniya, Iraq for years until the Kurdish Regional Subunits include communist, anti-fascist, and anarchist Western.

Rojava anarchism

Indeed it’s likely that a lot of work takes place outside the formal economy so even if such unions did exist they would probably only organise a minority. Apatris Anarchist Armed Struggle in Rojava and Beyond An Interview with the IRPGF May 19, 2017 The political and social changes taking place in Rojava have in large part been inspired by the libertarian socialist politics of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. Cooperative economy. The Rojava economy is a blend of private companies, the autonomous administration and worker cooperatives. Since the revolution, efforts have been made to Communalism is a sibling movement and while Rojava may not be anarchist, it is still important.
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The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (NES), also known as Rojava, is a de facto autonomous region in northeastern Syria. [13] [14] It consists of self-governing sub-regions in the areas of Afrin , Jazira , Euphrates , Raqqa , Tabqa , Manbij and Deir Ez-Zor . The Rojava conflict, also known as the Rojava revolution, is a political upheaval and military conflict taking place in northern Syria, known among Kurdish nationalists as Western Kurdistan or Rojava. Rojava: A libertarian myth under scrutiny The PKK claims to have shifted towards anarchism, but traces of authoritarianism are still visible in its “Syrian lab”.

Se hela listan på A week earlier I’d been across the border in Turkey, on a holiday that was also an opportunity to meet up and chat with anarchists and get their perspective on the most controversial aspect of the Rojava revolution, the apparent transformation of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) from an authoritarian centralised militaristic party to a force for popular grassroots democracy. Rojava is – or west Kurdistan – is the Syrian part of Kurdistan.
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Rojava, anarchism, Kurdish people, feminism Language English *Content warnings for mentions of genocide, abuse, torture, honour killings and sexual assault (but nothing graphic on any of these topics)* Information about the event - from the Facebook event page: A 2.5 person panel featuring:

A text of an interview with anarchists living in Rojava who are helping  related social revolution in the region of Western Kurdistan known as Rojava. Sociological Analysis of Movement Anarchism (Manchester University Press,  May 3, 2020 This article discusses how Rojava and its 'Autonomous both enthusiasm and suspicion from anarchists worldwide, and from large sections of  Reports of practical anarchism have been flowing in from embattled Kobane in the region of Rojava. It seems the autonomy left to the Kurds in the North of Syria   The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (NES), also known as Rojava, is a de facto autonomous region in northeastern Syria.

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This page is to reflect the news and Bravetheworld Anarkismen lever: Rojava.

2020-07-10 · Rojava does not demonstrate that anarchism is possible in modern society. Chiefly, Rojava has recently had to face Turkish attacks upon the United States’ exit from the area in October 2019. These attacks have curbed the society and hindered their success as an anarchist nation.

Daxuyaniya Gelên Navneteweyî û Şoreşger ya Hêzên Gerîla (IRPGF) Apr 3, 2017 04/17. Apr 3, 2017 by IRPGF. movies.

Mitt under det Fransk-Preussiska kriget (1870-1871)  Rojava demonstrates that anarchism is possible in modern society. While not strictly nor typically anarchist, the community exists with the guiding principles of anarchist philosophy. Rojava has a decentralized and largely egalitarian form of government while lacking an inner hierarchy. Rojava is officially secular, and its political make-up consists of ideals of direct democracy and libertarian socialism, decentralisation and gender equality, multi-religion and multi-ethnic organisations and with a focus on environmental sustainability.