On 1 December 2020, Postmates was acquired by Uber Technologies, Inc. All requests from law enforcement should be submitted through Uber’s Law Enforcement & Public Safety portal at lert.uber.com. Uber’s guidelines for law enforcement requests can be found here.


If you are acting on behalf of your client, make sure to provide us with a signed statement proving so. If you believe we are violating any law by publishing certain data, make sure to contact us with the specific law you believe we are violating. We are not affiliated with uber.com. Brought to you by C99.nl.

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A repo to make our changes more transparent to bug bounty researchers in our program (so they can see commits, etc).

The Response Team will validate law enforcement credentials based on the information provided by the officer or agent submitting a request. Additionally, for law enforcement personnel, there is a step-by-step process for submitting post-incident data requests to the Uber Law Enforcement Response Team (LERT) through their portal at To submit a data request to the Uber Law Enforcement Response Team (LERT), law enforcement personnel should create an account and submit the request through the LERT Portal at lert.uber.com. Law Enforcement Response Team lert.uber.com General Information info-atg@uber.com EMEA Lead, Law Enforcement Response Team (LERT) Uber jan.

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Lert uber

Virch Arch Pathol Niedhammer I, Lert F & Marne MJ (1994) Back pain and associated factors in French nurses.

Lert uber

at lert.uber.com. The following features are available when using our portal: • Submit Emergency Requests for Information • Serve legal process electronically • Submit Preservation Requests • Notify Uber of any unsafe situations that could affect the safety of our platform and/or your community As described above, legal process should be submitted to Uber through the Portal (lert.uber.com). To be valid, legal process submitted to Uber must generally: be addressed to the Law Enforcement Response Team of Uber Technologies, Inc. (UTI), 1515 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94158; be issued by the appropriate authority; with 1 addition and 0 deletions . +1 −0 README.md. 1 README.md. Show comments View file.
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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the portal for Uber Law Enforcement Operations is now equipped to receive and respond to requests for information from public health departments conducting contact tracing investigations.

Please visit the link below to view our guidelines for law enforcement requests. Submit a request by creating a law enforcement account at LERT.uber.com.

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Mar 6, 2020 Uber's global Law Enforcement Response Team (LERT) has been working with public health organizations across the world and they can  This practice is unfair to consumers - the location data Uber is collecting San Francisco, CA, California, USA, UNITED STATES, 94103, LERT@uber.com  Apr 6, 2021 Leading Uber's relationship with police leaders and supporting engagements in key Middle East and North African countries.

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Uber Eats Restaurant Contact Support Health. Health Details: Guidance for our Restaurant Partners. 13% off Offer Details: Click here for details on Uber Eats operations in your area - and continue to check back for the latest information.We also encourage you to follow these recommendations: Follow food safety best practices - Based on guidance from public health authorities, we advise Uber lert.uber.com Billy Kewell, LE Liaison Lead - U.S. West, wkewell@uber.com Uber Law Enforcement Operations is a team comprised of former law enforcement professionals and response specialists whose goal is to make Uber the mobility platform law enforcement trusts the most through engagement, partnership, and response. Uber for Business. Health Details: Enter your contact information and one of our representatives will be in touch.For all support related inquiries, please email our dedicated HIPAA-trained support team at [email protected] If you are trying to schedule rides to your next health appointment, please contact your health provider or book directly through the Uber app.

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